Lyceum Theatres




Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation


Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation was formed in November 1983 by the San Diego City Council to oversee the operation and management of the publicly-leased Lyceum Theatre and to act as the steward of the Lyceum.




Our Mission:

• To administer and provide general stewardship of the Lyceum Theatre infrastructure by maintaining, upgrading, and enhancing theatrical and non-theatrical systems in a manner that renders them safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing and ensuring that the Lyceum Theatre maintains a high level of quality in production capabilities.

• To provide financial assistance to local San Diego nonprofit theatrical, dance, and music production companies in order to support the growth of new and/or emerging artists and to bring quality artistic content to underserved audiences.

• To create and promote a public cultural town hall environment and experience where the diverse residents of the region and visitors can come together to explore and express their uniqueness and commonality.

• To encourage the San Diego Repertory Theatre to actively solicit other theatre organizations, as well as non-theatre entities, such as corporations, community groups, and other potential users to rent the Lyceum Theatre for performances, business meetings, forums, speaking engagements, and receptions; and, to schedule local visual artists to exhibit their work in the galleries.


Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation is funded by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture