Nurturing Arts And Culture


Lyceum Theatres Reopening

Lyceum is currently closed for renovation and scheduled to reopen in late 2024.

This presents a tremendous opportunity to expand access to quality, state-of-the-art performance facilities to San Diego’s performing arts organizations.

To assure an equitable and transparent process designing the Lyceum’s new operating model, and to uphold the Lyceum’s mission – a theatre designated for the use of our local community, the Foundation has contracted the services of Victoria Plettner-Saunders, a local arts consultant, to work with us as we begin to transition to an opening date.

Members of the arts community, the philanthropic community, and civic leadership will all be part of the conversation that makes the Lyceum a space the entire San Diego region can be proud of.

The Foundation board is committed to this mission. We look forward to the conversations in the coming months and look forward to seeing you at the theatre later this year.